Designing with Low Carbon Concrete


Europe & Middle East

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Having already elaborate Structural Designs for Structures in Greece with the use of Low Carbon Concrete , A&K has initiate a self-funded Research Program for the use of Low Carbon Concrete on Structural Design, Specifications and Regulatory Framework.

The scope of this research will be (but no limited) :

-The use of Low Carbon Concrete on Infrastructure & Buildings for Public and Private Sector.
-Steps on achieving EU 2050 target of Net Zero emission through Structural Design.
-Concrete mixtures composition with reduce cement, the use of supplementary cementitious materials SCMs, (natural or manufactured pozzolans, fly ash, ground granulated blast furnace slag, condensed silica fume, limestone dust and cement kiln dust).
-Reduce Cement Concrete through proper design, increase of nominal concrete cover.
-Concrete mixture with injection of CO2 on Concrete factories.
-The use of Hempcrete or similar materials for structural and non-structural Members.
-Carbon Storing materials on Structural Design and their application.