Hotel at Downtown Athens.


Athens, Greece


A 5-floor Building with middle floor and 2 basements situated at Keramikos region of downtown Athens. Building is erected up to structural frames, Reinforced Concrete Foundation, Columns, Beams and Slabs between years 1987-1990 when construction has stopped for unknown reasons. Greece has a strict regulatory framework for the Assessment of the structural capacity of existing structures, and of rules of application for their redesign re-planning, as well as for potential interventions, repairs or strengthening. Issuing a new Construction permit will require a structural design according to “CODE for STRUCTURAL INTERVENTIONS” (KAN.EPE.). Structural Design pertained the following stages: • Collection of data (investigation of structural history), Survey of the structure & Recording of any damage member. • Investigative Works including at least the minimum number of core samples and indirect methods to achieve a “Sufficient” Data Reliability Level (DRL) as per KAN.EPE. in order to conclude on materials characteristic strength. Indirect methods also will be used to examine whether the reinforcement layout and detailing have been applied as per the original approved structural design. • Checking the feasibility of the desired architectural modifications and / or additions. • Structural Calculation and Analyses in order to determine Building Capacity & and if needed potential repairs or strengthening. • Coordination with the other Discipline Studies and preparation of all the necessary structural documents and drawings for the Building Permit(s). • High supervision of the construction and structural technical support for difficulties/ problems / changes arising during the construction.

Services Rendered

Structural Design, Retrofit & Rehabilitation, Permit Design


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